Testimonial note

We design and sell postcards! Currently, the only scenes are primarily of Eastern Washington, but if you would like one for your area, please contact us.

Below are the styles printed and available for purchase. All of these may be purchased in person at the Kettle Falls Historical Center. The KFHC is located just West of Kettle Falls, Washington along the banks of the Columbia River above the now submerged location of falls.

Postcard #1


Lake Roosevelt and the Columbia River as seen from Bisbee Mountain west of Kettle Falls, Washington.

Postcard #3


Wildflowers bloom on the bank of the Columbia River just South of Northport, Washington.

Postcard #4


The four seasons on Washington's Columbia River. Spring near Northport; Summer near Ridgefield; Fall near Wenatchee; Winter near Kettle Falls.

Postcard #5


Four scenes of the area explored in 1811 by David Thompson. The top two images are from British Columbia and the bottom two are from Washington.